United States Air Force

ETSI has always offered the Department of Air Force with Best in Class IT software.


Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. provides world-class IT software & hardware, Office Supplies, Medical devices & Industrial Equipment to the department of Air Force, which assists them in performing their operations in a seamless manner.

Flight Operational staff are responsible for ensuring all flights and safety equipment are operationally ready and able to be fully utilized during both routine training operations as well as emergency combat. Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. offers the US Air Force with equipment such as:

  • Computing Equipment (laptops, desktops, keyboards, electronic equipment, printers, scanners, copiers)
  • Fiber-Optic equipment (Cat5, Cat6 cables)
  • Office Supplies (printer paper, toner, jantorital & sanitary products)
  • Office Furniture (tables, ergonomic chairs, cabinets)
  • Medical Devices (Monitors, BP Apparatus, Thermometers etc.)
  • Operational equipments (helmets, oxygen masks, parachutes, survival packs and more)

Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. has the expertise and resources to ensure that customers get help for timely and cost-effective solutions for mission critical operations. EEnterprise Technology Solutions Inc. technical professionals have a proven track record of innovation, fast response times, high-quality deliverables, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Our highly qualified personnel seek to deliver unrivaled environmental technical expertise and advisory services for the US Air Force secure technology infrastructure.

CPARS is becoming the single most essential instrument in federal contract performance management. It creates a fairly structured connection for performance feedback and pushes the dialogue that must take place if success is to be guaranteed. The Department of Air force reviewed and awarded us CPARS evaluation for meeting their contract criteria of (AIMES) Software from approved providers via NASA SEWP. Our team worked on the client's needs to fulfill the intended goals, and upon completion, the Department of Air force awarded us CPARS for meeting and surpassing expectations on the following criteria:

  • Computing Equipment (laptops, desktops, keyboards, electronic equipment, printers, scanners, copiers)
  • QUALITY: The products delivered were accurate and complied with the specifications
  • SCHEDULE: The requested items arrived considerably ahead of the contract's deadline
  • MANAGEMENT: Throughout the entire acquisition process the Contractor responded as required by the Contracting Officer
  • RECOMMENDATION: In future, they would suggest Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. for similar needs

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