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The Executive Office for United States Attorneys.



The Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) provides executive and administrative support for the 93 United States Attorneys located throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U. S. Virgin Islands. Such support includes legal education, administrative oversight, technical support, and the creation of uniform policies, among other responsibilities. EOUSA was created on April 6, 1953, by Attorney General Order No. 8-53.


Detect and protect any device with an IP address without the need for a client residing on each endpoint. This includes the detection of devices like VoIP phones, printers, healthcare equipment and manufacturing machinery.

Scope of Work:

The client needed a security license to empower their device with High availability option. This license supports attain a 99.99% uptime for security purposes. In the era of highest cyber threats, the sensitive networks and data needs to be protected.

ForeScout CounterACT® is a physical or virtual security solution that dynamically identifies and evaluates network devices and applications the instant they connect to your network. Because CounterACT doesn't require agents, it works with your devices—managed and unmanaged, known and unknown, PC and mobile, embedded and virtual. CounterACT quickly determines the user, owner, operating system, device configuration, software, services, patch state and the presence of security agents. Next, it provides remediation, control and continuous monitoring of these devices as they come and go from the network.


User-friendly Solution and Speed of Deployment: Our client used the proven foundation of the Fore scout, to configure the reporting system. By choosing to go this route, they simplified their own IT requirements and more quickly took the License from the genesis of the idea to full field deployment. This way in a few days a fully functional Unified threat system was established with all high availability features. This system was easy to handle, configure and customize for day in and out security policies and SOPs implemented by agency leaders. At ETS, we don't believe in artificial barriers that limit your options and force vendor lock-in. We work with leading network infrastructure, third-party security and IT management solutions. This way we offer flexible deployment and configuration options to match our client's specific needs.

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