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Federal, state, and local government agencies, formerly suspicious of cloud services, are increasingly embracing new technology to help them manage enormous and diverse volumes of data while satisfying public demands. However, managing all of this may be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you have a small IT team or working under budget constraints. Through technical consulting and state-of-the-art technology delivered in the finest possible condition, Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. assist government agencies in resolving technical issues and improving how the government serves the public.

Many government organizations in the United States require a skilled government technology consultant to help their IT teams stay current with technologies. Our experienced consultants apply their talents to complex, mission critical challenges and collaborate with customers to implement suggestions by working closely with them over time to assist by increasing workforce skills, enhancing operational efficiency, and implementing new working practices.

Technical consultancy assists businesses in making informed decisions about their IT infrastructure. We can help in the research and analysis phase and throughout IT solutions development, integration and deployment.

Feel secure knowing that your environment is being assessed by industry experts who have years of experience implementing similar projects at other government agencies.

Our best practices managers will assist you with a strategy to better manage your time and money. One size does not fit all when it comes to managed IT services. We offer cloud services, disaster recovery services, managed software and hardware services, IT Software & hardware equipment , office supplies, medical devices & Industrial Products.

Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. can assist federal agencies in decreasing the time, cost, and risk of transforming their systems by using updated technologies. Our skilled consultants assist clients at every stage of creating and deploying technical solutions to help optimize operations, accomplish strategic goals, to better serve the public.

We assist government agencies with transformation and modernization programs by leveraging technology and data. Here are a few examples of our public-sector consulting projects:

  • Making government services more accessible to the public
  • Modernization of technology: applying agile strategies to increase performance
  • Designing smart infrastructure (on premises, hybrid or cloud)
  • Future workforce: strengthening capacities in the public sector and reinventing work
  • Data security: keeping people, information, and strategic interests secure from Cyber attacks.

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