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Due to new constraints driving contemporary events remote, new infrastructure and application designs must link the at-home workforce to the cloud in a seamless manner, lowering TCO, simplifying operations, and providing a better user experience for both, the government employees and the public.

A solid IT plan will assist the government to satisfy the ever-growing demands of today's tech-savvy population as they strive to become more citizen-centric.

As governments strive to become more citizen-centric, a robust and cost-effective IT infrastructure can assist them in developing seamless technologies and services that fulfill the demands of today's tech-savvy citizens. Improved IT strategies strengthen institutional links within the government, enhancing openness and responsibility for public services while promoting social fairness and citizen involvement, all of which contribute to long-term growth. Although some may regard IT infrastructure, which includes devices, data centers, telecommunications, hardware maintenance, and management software a commodity.

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