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ETSI has always offered the Department of Energy with Best in Class IT software.

About United States Navy

The Navy's submarines are worth billions of dollars, and submarine defense programs are still a multibillion-dollar business. US Navy troops always stand ready to protect the borders, avoid conflict and preserve Nation’s lives which ignites the need to bring in the best technologies. Through selected partners, Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. assists the US Navy with the latest software, IT-related products & peripherals, office supplies, Medical Devices & Industrial equipment with seamless and secure technological operations as well as faster communications.

Nowadays technology improves at a rapid rate, and we always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends of technology, IT products and infrastructure to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

For the department of Navy, we have always provided the latest software & IT related products which meet their goals and help them manage their IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc. objective is to identify office supplies, medical devices, IT equipment & Industrial products that cannot only improve productivity, but also makes the workforce's duties easier. We also offer solid IT infrastructure, electronic security systems, and audio-visual and video-teleconferencing assistance.

Only an experienced federal contractor knows the necessity of a good track record of previous accomplishments when it comes to government contracting success.

We have been evaluated and awarded by the Department of Navy through CPARS evaluation on fulfilling their contract requirements of COT software from approved suppliers via NASA SEWP. Our team worked on the client’s requirements to complete the desired goals, and upon completion we were awarded CPARS by the Department of Navy for meeting and exceeding expectations on the following criteria:

    The delivered products were correct and met their requirements.
    The products required were delivered well before the required delivery date set forth in the contract.
    The cost associated with this contract was fair and reasonable.
    The Contractor responded as required by the Contracting Officer.
    They would recommend Enterprise Technology Solutions Inc.

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